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Benefits of Using WordPress

Amongst other semantic publishing platforms wordpress is a very popular one that has impressed a lot of users all over the world. The impression is made for no less than in exchange with the immense features provided by the platform. Here are a few features and benefits that the users of wordpress can get.

Widely in Use and a Proven Success:

The wordpress content management system is being used widely across the globe and nearly one third of total world’s population is using it for making new websites. There are more than fifty million new websites and blogs that have been created over this platform. This picture gives an insight of how much proven success the platform has been. Well reputed bodies like CNN and NY times are using the platform.

Easy Usage and Handling:

Using wordpress requires no technical expertise and no coding experience. There is not much difference in its usage than the desktop publisher. Anyone can use it to make his or her own blog or website. The simple usage and handling now makes the users self dependent rather than depending upon the web developers and programmers.

Custom Post Types:

Users can now choose from the “post” or “page” options while making their website or a blog as this is an added feature being introduced in the latest wordpress versions. If a website is being made for the purpose of a design agency promotion, then the website can be modified in a way as to portray the portfolio designs. This way the website begins to look more dedicated.

Custom Taxonomies:

Latest versions of wordpress content management system are now offering the users to choose from a variety of taxonomies. This means that the users can choose their taxonomy to either be “tags”, “ratings” or “categories”. If a website is dedicated to give reviews over movies, then the taxonomy “ratings” can be used, on the other hand if the website is purposed for search engine optimization, the taxonomy “tags” can be used.

Custom Images:

Images matter a lot when concerning websites and blogs, these are the most prominent things there on a web page. Background images and header images can be chosen from eight built in attractive banners. This makes it easier for the users and gives them a choice at the same time.

No Need for Static Re Building:

The wordpress content management system enables users to make changes in their system that automatically and instantly takes effect on the real website. This helps avoiding the re building of static website and pages.

Easy Installation and Updating:

It is very easy and simple to install the wordpress content management system. There are fewer software that can be installed in a manner easier than this. Updates are also easy and the platform upgrades itself with the latest updates.

Multiple Users:

The wordpress content management system helps the owner of a website to have others being able to access the website interface with different levels of user-ship including writing, editing, publishing, managing and so forth.

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