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WordPress Plugins for Everyone to Try

I noticed an awesome post over at Forum Flavor titled “Top 4 plugins for an average WordPress blog” and thus I have decided to create my own post on the topic of plugins. Even though I have over 19 plugins installed, I am only going to recommend a few that I think everyone should play with at some point. So, let’s get to it!

The first plugin that I would have to recommend is a Search Engine Optimization plugin called “SEO Ultimate“.  While it provides the most basic features that any other SEO plugin offers, it also has a bunch of other features I love that are module based (can easily be disabled or removed). Some of the awesome feature’s that SEO Ultimate has is a 404 Monitor,  deeplink juggernaut and a code inserter.  For those of you who are confused by the term “Deeplink Juggernaut”, basically this module allows you take a keyword or keyword phrase and automatically link it to whatever you would like.

Next on our list would be “Tweet Old Post“. This simple plugin allows you to link your twitter account to your wordpress blog and depending on the settings you have, it will send out tweets for the articles that were published over 30, 60, or [insert number here] days ago. The main reason I find this useful is because I want my new twitter followers to be able to see some of the older content that we have…and this sure does help.

Most people love to keep their basic askimet setup, but I decided to replace the default wordpress comments completely with “Disqus“. This has to be the best comment platform that I have ever used. With social media sharing features, spam filtering, and even the ability to login with any of your social media… I don’t see how anyone doesn’t choose this plugin! I recommend it to everyone who is tired of the default wordpress comment section and is looking for something with a little more “oomph”.

If you have moved from a different platform or changed your permalink structure  recently then I suggest that you take a look at “404 Redirected“. I’m not gonna say much about it on this post, because you can check out our full post on it here.

The last plugin I have to recommend is “AuthorSure“. After Craig Tumblison kept pushing the issue of how awesome and useful the rel=author was, I had to find an easy solution to have it available for me, and the other writers here on Admining. Well, AuthorSure does its job on making it easy. The plugin offers multiple methods of using rel=author, in which I chose to use the Author Box (Bio under posts) because it seemed easiest and most logical for a blog with multiple writers. The tutorials on their website are free from what I understand, but you’re required to sign up to see them.

If you’re confused about what rel=author is, then read this post wonderful post.

If you have a wordpress blog or if you’re planning on starting a blog soon, then I recommend for you to check out these plugins. Since wordpress makes it easy to install and uninstall plugins, if you don’t like them then you can easily remove them. So, what is your recommended plugin list for wordpress?

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